RENTHAL Fatbar RC/OE Honda Kawasaki Handlebars BLACK 604-01


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                                                                                                 CITY WEST YAMAHA


Renthal Fatbars are the market leading unbraced handlebar. Featuring a tapered wall profile enables the clamping diameter
 (1-1/8″ | 28.6mm) to be larger than the control ends (7/8″ | 22.2mm). 
The design of the handlebar is aimed at reducing weight whilst maintaining an extremely
 high strength. Strength for the bar is created within the tapered wall profile allowing for a braceless design. 
This enables a confident level of flexibility in the handlebar. 
Millions of tiny steel shots are blasted at high velocity at the bar, breaking the surface tension of the
 material and leaving a textured surface finish. The process increases the fatigue life and durability of the bar.
 Fitted as OE equipment by KTM and Suzuki.
1 1/8″ (28.6mm) large diameter clamping area
Tapered wall construction to 7/8″ (22.2mm) allows fitment of standard grips and controls
Braceless design
7010 T6 Aluminium. Renthal has exclusive rights to this specifically developed alloy, for the manufacture of handlebars
Shot peened surface finish to help prevent fatigue failure
Knurled grip area increases bonding between bars and grips
No Kurling in clamping area as this could cause a stress riser and lead to fatigue failure
Anodising – a 15 step anodising process forms an integral coating giving protection against corrosion
Laser etched positioning grid
Available in a variety of bends and colours to offer a custom fit on the bike
Bar pad included

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