Supersprox YAMAHA YZ450F WR450F YZ250 EK Chain Blue Alloy 428-50 SPROCKET KIT


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YAMAHA YZ450F 2000-2016
YZ250 2000-2016
WR450F 2000-2016
Supersprox/EK Chain and sprocket kits are a great way to grab everything you need in the one kit. 
These kits are available in a variety of sprocket and chain colours and also sizes.
Kit contains:
Supersprox Steel Front Sprocket
C-45 high quality steel 
Long life, anti corrosion silver finish
Carbide cut CNC machined teeth
Quality assured
ISO 9002 Certified
Supersprox Blue Alloy Rear Sprocket
7075-T6 Aerospace aluminium for maximum durability.
CNC machined to incredibly tight tolerances that allow perfect concentricity and accuracy of fit.
The Works-Light design has allowed optimum weight reduction, whilst keeping
 the product super strong. 
It’s 67% lighter than a steel sprocket!
Supersprox patented tooth profile will increase chain life up to 15%.
Chain vibration (slap) will be reduced, giving smoother acceleration.
The exceptionally hard wearing surface and dirt grooves will give
 significantly increased chain wheel life,
 it’ll outlast the competition.
The anodised anti-corrosion surface is technical and attractive, and its 
hard coating aids to a prolonged system life.
Perfect for Supercross, Motorcross and Off-road bikes.
EK Chains 520 Heavy Duty 120L Gold Race Chain
Pin: Diameter 5.24mm Length 17.5mm
Roller: Diameter 10.16mm
Plate Thickness: Inner 2mm, Outer 2mm
Tensile Strength: 8,900 lbs.
Wear Life Index: 400 (Std. as 100)
Weight (100 Links): 1.52kg
Max Disp. CC’s: Street 250, Dirt 500


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