100% RACECRAFT HOTROD Red/Black Gold Lens MX Motorcycle Goggles **NEW* Motocross


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100% Racecraft Premium motocross goggles are brought to you by 100% (Ride 100 Percent).

The premier 100% line of goggle system represents our commitment to create an enhanced user 

experience by providing riders with a higher level of functionality and accurate vision.  

The Racecraft is a synthesis of precision engineering and minimal design, 

which produces a goggle that performs and feels as great as it looks.


 Outriggers: Helping to achieve perfect fit and balance. Racecraft has outriggers to help the goggle

 sit evenly and snugly against the face. The outrigger system makes the Racecraft feel comfortable. 

A tearoff post is affixed to the outrigger, which stops the nuisance of a sliding tearoff clip.

Removable Nose Guard: The attachment of the 100% nose guard is a unique incorporation of the frame co-molding to insure

stability and protection in the most testing condition.

Foam: Thirsty triple layer moisture managing foam helps to keep the sweat out of your eyes.

Lens: Anti-fog coated Lexan lens for flawless vision. The frame has a raised section at the top of the lens to

 offer a bit more vision, and the peripheral landscape is incredible. Most riders prefer a clear

 or mirrored lens, but 100% goes the extra mile by including both lenses with the goggle.

Strap: The Racecraft goggle has a strap that’s as wide as a landing strip. 

At 45mm wide, the elastic strap is robust. It’s also has a wide bead of silicone prevents the massive strap from sliding.   

Co-molding: This feature allows the incorporation of patent pending technologies into

 the frame while still holding 100% performance and styling true.

Air Intakes: Patent pending technology channels air into the foam, aiding in moisture management

What’s in the Box?: The Racecraft goggle arrives as 4 Goggles in 1 with the options you can choose from.

You get a Mirrored Lens, an Extra FREE Clear Lens, Removeable Nose Guard and 20 standard Tear-Offs

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