CELLULARLINE INTERPHONE TOUR Motorcycle Bluetooth Single Pack Smartphone Connect


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The Interphone Tour is the top product in the Interphone line by Cellularline.

 Top-level construction, quality and an elegant shape for the Interphone featuring a black 

chrome titanium body. The Interphone Tour can connect up to four motorcyclists within

 a maximum distance of 1.5 km. It is compatible with all smartphones fitted with Bluetooth technology

 and will let you receive and make calls, 

listen to music and follow GPS directions. Compatible with all helmet models. 

The Interphone Tour is totally waterproof, its battery has record-breaking autonomy of 20 hours

 and it can be recharged rapidly thanks to fast charge technology.

It’s the perfect Interphone for long journeys. 

Interphone Tour is easy to install and combines advanced technology, design and user friendliness.



Control unit rapid release system

Double installation bracket for helmet (clip and adhesive) 

Internal audio unit with ultra-thin earpieces

Boom microphone (jet and flip helmets) and adhesive pad microphone (full face helmets)

Micro USB data and charging cable


Talk time: up to 20 hours

Standby: 1000 hours

Fast Charge, 80% charged in 1 hour

Intercom range up to 1.5 km in full duplex

Shared telephone conversation with passenger

4-way: conference mode between 4 Bikes, or 2 Bikes with Rider and Passenger

3-way: 3 Bikes or 1 Bike and 1 Bike with Rider-to-Passenger

2-way: Bike-to-Bike or Rider-to-Passenger

Wireless MP3 music through Smartphone and MP3 player

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