Oxford Oximiser 888 Battery 12 Volt Motorcycle Charger NEW Trickle Charge *NEW*


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                                      CITY WEST YAMAHA

Yamaha Parts & Accessories

To celebrate 45th anniversary, Oxford has released an anniversary edition of its Oximiser 888 battery charger.

Suitable for all 12-volt batteries up to 30Ah, the unit can do more than simply charge a flat battery and, with the connections for it to permanently attached to your bike, it can achieve a variety of useful outcomes.

The unit’s built-in battery management system means its can run hourly voltage checks and apply an appropriate amount of charge if and when required, depending on the level of charge required it can assess and apply different charging methods depending on the situation and it will even advise you if your battery leads have been incorrectly connected.

The unit has two methods of charging, a Bulk Fast Charge option which can rapidly raise the battery’s charge to around 85 percent to get you back on the road, as well as an Absorption Charge which lowers the rate of charge when there’s the time to do so, and ensure the battery’s fully charged. The firm says the units good enough to bring a heavily discharged battery back to life, too, saying it can bring back a battery from as low as 4.1 Volts.

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