QUAD LOCK Mobile Phone Case Universal Adapter APPLE SAMSUNG Motorcycle QUADLOCK (Copy)


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Quad Lock is the only mounting system in Australia that lets you integrate your smartphone in an active lifestyle.

The unique approach of integrating the mounting interface into a slim and durable everyday case allows the

Quad Lock mounts to be much smaller than any other mount on the market. Using our Patented

Quad Lock dual action locking mechanism, the Innovative Twist, Lock & Go system allows you to

mount your smartphone in an instant and gives you the confidence that your device is always

securely attached without the need for cumbersome lanyards, or straps.

The Quad Lock mounting system allows you to securely attach your phone to your arm when running,

to your bike while cycling or in your car while driving, Quad Lock

makes it much easier and safer to interact with the many sports,

fitness and navigation Apps available in the App Store/Google Play. Quad Lock is the Lightest,

Strongest and most Secure Smartphone mount on the market.

Once you try it you will wonder how you ever got by without it!

The Quad Lock Universal Adaptor can be adhered directly to most smartphones

or cases and is compatible with all Quad Lock Mounts.

It provides a simple way to add Quad Lock functionality to almost

any device using a strong 3M VHB adhesive*.


Slim profile (only 4.5mm thick)

Durable and tough composite construction

Adheres to flat and slightly curved surfaces

*The 3M VHB adhesive will adhere to smooth, non-textured, non-porous surfaces such as plastic and metal.

It will NOT adhere to rubber, silicon, TPU or soft touch coatings. Please ensure the application surface is

thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying the adaptor.

The 3M VHB adhesive is a single use adhesive, it is NOT re-usable.


1 x Universal Adaptor V2 (3M VHB adhesive)

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