SCOTT 550 Motorcycle Helmet HATCH Black Orange MIPS *NEW* YAMAHA


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The SCOTT 550 Woodblock Helmet is a high-end helmet that pushes the limits of ventilation and safety. 

Three years of testing and development from Scott has culminated in the helmet that has been engineered 

to the limits and stands head and shoulders above similarly priced helmets. 

Coming equipped with the latest safety technologies such as MIPS® and Conehead™, the Scott 550

 offers significant safety features for a helmet at this pricepoint. The MIPS System works by putting in

 a slip layer between the head and the helmet. It offers superior safety performance in case of angled impacts

 by reducing the rotational violence transmitted to the brain. The Conehead™ is a revolutionary

 new shock absorbing foam liner for safety helmets that incorporates cone-shaped structures within the

 thickness of the helmet liner. This foam liner acts like a crumple zone around the head to absorb

 and dissipate impact forces more effectively than current liners in helmets.

On top of the significant focus on safety, comfort hasn’t been forgotten with equivalent time and

 resources being spent to deliver the perfect cooling management system. Strategically placed vents provide 

class leading airflow and comfort, which Scott has put to the test in wind tunnel testing to back up their claims. 

Easily removed liners assist in keeping the helmet hygenic and comfortable for constant use. 

To complete the package, the Scott 550 is encased in a sleek aerodynamic polycarbonate shell. 

Exceptional visor integration, a large eyeport that comfortably fits any goggle, as well as a classic double D 

shackling system should put this helmet on your most wanted list. Scott Sports suggest you

 “‘Get your Head in the Game” with the 550 helmet.


MIPS technology

Conehead Technology

Refined ventilation system

Adjustable ventilation

In-mold technology

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