SCOTT PROSPECT WFS Goggles Blue/Teal **NEW** Motocross Works Film System 50mm


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The Prospect is a highlight among MX goggles. It gives the rider a maximum field

 of vision due to the extra height of the lens. 

In addition, it features an innovative SCOTT lens lock system that makes the lens stay in the frame no

 matter what impact is coming from outside.

 To avoid slipping of the goggle, it is equipped with an extra wide, no-slip silicone strap. 

This strap together with articulated outriggers, 

highly contribute to the improvement of the helmet integration. 

Last but not least, a great feature of the 

Prospect is that it comes with two lenses a chrome and clear – ideal for any weather conditions.

The Prospect WFS possesses the same great features than the Prospect goggle.

 It is equipped with a WFS roll-off system featuring a 50mm film for a large field of vision even

 in the muddiest conditions. New is, that the canisters can be clipped directly on the WORKS 

pins of the lens which makes their installation much easier and less time consuming.

 It takes almost no effort as there are no tools required. It also makes the switch from roll-off 

to tear-off simple and fast. The improved, transparent anti-stick grid offers a better field of vision,

 an easier installation in the canisters, a better sliding on the lens and a better sealing with the lens at the top.

Capitalizing on 45 years of experience, the Scott Prospect pushes the

 limit of field of vision, comfort and lens retention.

 Killer looks, a massive field of vision, and clever features for riding in any weather conditions

 grab these goggles and get ready to roost. 


Lens Lock System

Articulated outriggers

3-layer molded face foam

Extra wide no-slip silicone strap


SCOTT TruView single WORKS lens

NoFog Anti-Fog lens treatment

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