WHEELMUCK MOTOMUCK Motorcycle Wheel Car Rim Brake Dust Cleaner Spray NEW Yamaha


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Wheels can get dirty relatively fast with a build up of brake dust. We have specifically created a NO EFFORT

 product that removes brake dust effortlessly called Wheelmuck+. The formula is fast acting and 

has been specially formulated at a viscosity to allow easy application and to enable it to be very cost effective.


Wheelmuck+ is also PH neutral which makes it safe to use on all wheels and painted surfaces. 

Wheelmuck+ is a little smelly, but rest assured that component is 100% biodegradable.


When using Wheelmuck you’ll see it undergoes a colour change from yellow to red as a reaction occurs

 to dislodge the brake dust iron contaminants, enabling it to be washed away with water.

Wheelmuck+ 750ml - Twin Pack – Motomuck Australia


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