YAMAHA Bolt On OGGY KNOBS To Suit MT-07 2014 Onwards BLACK No Cut Type NEW MT07


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Promoto is the name behind the famous “Oggy Knobbs” brand frame sliders and aims to provide the best possible 
solutions to minimise damage to your pride and joy in an accident. Oggy Knobs and Axle Oggys 
help reduce the damage by taking the brunt of the crash impact and road surface abrasion. 
Oggy products can significantly reduce the repair costs after a fall.Promoto take design and quality very seriously. 
Only the strongest, most resilient materials are used to ensure strength, performance and appearance. 
State of the art manufacturing techniques like CNC machining, laser cutting and 
MIG welding are used in the production process for accuracy and perfect fit. 
The brackets are made from high tensile steel alloy for vastly superior strength and minimal weight,
 aluminium compression components are made from aircraft grade 7075 T6511, the bolts are de-embrittled, high tensile items, 
zinc plated and clear chromated, the “plastic” used in the sliders is Acetal for the best combination of shock absorbsion,
 abrasion resistance and strength. 
All metallic components are fully finished for corrosion resistance
 and durability as well as a pleasing appearance.
Most Oggy Knobbs kits are designed to fit without any fairing modifications.
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