YAMAHA Genuine Rear Sprocket 50T Suit YZ WR *NEW*


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Genuine Yamaha Parts and Accessories are the Number 1 Choice when maintaining or personalising 
any Yamaha vehicle because they are specifically developed and designed in conjunction with the product.
At Yamaha, we pride ourselves on our class leading vehicles and ensuring our
 Genuine Parts and Accessories provide performance and protection to meet the highest standards.
 Our philosophy is the quality of Yamaha models is maintained
 through the quality of the parts that make up the Yamaha product. 
Genuine Yamaha Spare Parts is the only choice for maintaining your Yamaha vehicle. 
By purchasing Genuine Yamaha Parts, you can be assured that your
 vehicle whether a land or marine product will run smoothly and will perform 
at a maximum level. Whether you need an oil filter, drive chain, brake pads or valve guide,
 it only makes sense to get the part that was designed for use in the original
 assembly of your Yamaha. Genuine Yamaha Parts 
are designed by engineers who put countless hours into testing for durability and performance.
Make sure you give your Yamaha the best treatment with Genuine Yamaha Parts.


Fits The Following….

2001 – 2018 WR250F

2003 – 2017 WR450F

1999 – 2018 YZ125

1999 – 2016 YZ250

2009 – 2019 YZ250F

2003 – 2018 YZ450F

2015 – 2016 YZ250FX

2016 YZ250X

2016 YZ450FX




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