YAMAHA MT-07 Case Saver 2014 Onwards Made By OGGY KNOBBS


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                                                                                                 CITY WEST YAMAHA

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Factory engine covers are susceptible to cracking during a crash increasing the chance of further damage internally.

 In the event of a crash, the point of impact and abrasion is moved away from the engine cover to the engine saver case. 

Rather than not being able to ride for the day because of a spill or crash, the engine case 

saver serves to protect the factory cover allowing you to jump right back on the bike and keep riding. 

The hardware provided ensures that the bolt heads will not be damaged and you will be able to easily change the protector.

 When used in conjunction with frame sliders, the possibility of 

engine cover cracking, oil leaks, and debris entering the crankcase is greatly diminished.

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